How to play the Rocky theme on Saxophone

On this page, we'll be learning how to play the Rocky theme on Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone or Soprano Saxophone!

Better known as the Theme from Rocky, Gonna Fly Now was composed by Bill Conti and went to number one on its release in 1977. Most associated with Rocky Balboa's famous training sequence – in which he runs up the 72 steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and ends in a victory pose – it has continued to be paired with training montages in movies and TV shows. The lyrics, which are only 30 words long, were written by Carol Connors and Ayn Robbins. A few years after Rocky, the sequel Rocky III would introduce the world to another timeless song with Eye of the Tiger in 1982.


These are the keys on your saxophone you'll be using to play this song:

Saxophone fingering diagram

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