How to play Shreksophone on saxophone

Shreksophone is a meme depicting Shrek playing the saxophone (sometimes without needing to use his hands), accompanied by the song "Zonnestraal" by De Hofnar. De Hofnar is a Dutch EDM artist, and the version of the song used in the meme is a remix… Read more

Never Gonna Give You Up

How to play Never Gonna Give You Up on saxophone

Released in 1987, British singer Rick Astley's debut single was a worldwide hit, staying at the top of the UK charts for five weeks. In the late 2000s, it unexpectedly came back in the form of Rickrolling, resulting in over half a billion views and… Read more

Careless Whisper

How to play Careless Whisper on saxophone

George Michael was in his teens when he started writing Careless Whisper, coming up with the iconic saxophone part on a bus ride. He collaborated on it with his Wham! bandmate Andrew Ridgeley, recording a demo in Ridgeley's house before releasing… Read more


How to play Megalovania on saxophone

Megalovania is best known as an infectious tune from the video game Undertale, where it is associated with the skeleton character Sans. Composed by Toby Fox, who wrote the game's music as well as its code, the theme had made appearances in his… Read more

Giorno's Theme

How to play Giorno's Theme on saxophone

Taken from the soundtrack of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, the official name of this track is "Il vento d'oro" (Italian for "the golden wind"). Like the rest of the show's soundtrack, it was written by Japanese composer Yugo Kanno. In this… Read more

Baby Shark

How to play Baby Shark on saxophone

The origins of Baby Shark are mysterious, but it appears to have been sung as a campfire song or chant since the 1900s. Versions of the song were recorded by German singer Alexandra Müller/Alemuel (2007) and children's entertainer Johnny Only (2011)… Read more