How to play the Jurassic Park theme on Saxophone

On this page, we'll be learning how to play the Jurassic Park theme on Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone or Soprano Saxophone!

Written by legendary film composer John Williams (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Jaws), this theme was first heard in the original Jurassic Park movie, directed by Steven Spielberg in 1993. It can also be heard in the Jurassic World sequels.

The iconic theme, simply known as "Theme from Jurassic Park", is first heard when the visitors see the brachiosaurus, with Williams attempting to capture "the awesome beauty and sublimity" of the scene. The entire score for the first Jurassic Park movie was composed in a month, from February to March 1993.


These are the keys on your saxophone you'll be using to play this song:

Saxophone fingering diagram

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